The Splendor of Newel Posts in Stairway Constructions

In some specific types of staircase architecture, a newel post forms a part of the central winding as it spirals upwards. These staircases certainly belong to the older school architecture but still find a way in modern constructions which of course have pointers back to the good old days when newel post staircases must have been the in-thing. Present day newel posts are standardized with heights ranging between 34 to 38 inches and while they provide structural support they also complement the aesthetics of the stairs. Remember that there is a difference between a newel post and balusters. While newer posts provide structural support at the top and bottom of the stairs, balusters are found in between. See more here about the newel posts in stairway construction.

From the viewpoint of structural support provision it is therefore important that they be made of selected premium fine hardwoods which therefore should not be degrading fast over a period of time, otherwise they would lose the need to support structures of staircases. In case there is a reason to change newel posts it is possible do that without compromising stability and therefore safety of the stairway. Luckily, the process is simple enough and can be performed with minimum skills. It is worth noting that some newel posts are actually made uniquely from iron metal without any word at all as compliments. Find out more information here about newel posts.

The selection of hardwood used in the creation of newel posts are mainly poplar and red oak, with the former being more flexible and resilient, the latter is more brittle going by its higher density. Both maple and cherry can also be used to create good quality newel posts. The finishing work can be done using stain colors that are proprietary to the individual companies manufacturing these posts. And apart from the listed hardwoods customers are able to make selections from other hardwoods such as white oak and mahogany among others should they feel that these are their preferential hardwoods.

With respect to aesthetic outlook it is possible to refine the looks of newel posts with craftsmanship that befits the architectural disposition of different buildings, and because winding staircases are obviously a centerpiece between floors the design will perceptibly have a direct impact on the quality and look of the overall workmanship of the interior of such a building. Manufacturers of newel posts will therefore present different designs to fit with diverse tastes of customers coming in to buy newels posts for their stairway constructions. To learn more information, click here:

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